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In 2017 I was approached by Gillian Johnston, Community Engagement Advisor for Morgan Sindall Infrastructure. Gillian attended one of my childrens first aid classes and  approached me offering Morgan Sindall Infrastructures support to help develop my childrens first aid  programme even further using the Flat Stan First Aid model. The programme was to be initially offered just in Copeland, aimed at year 3 children.

Did I hesitate? Absolutely not. It was fantastic to get this initial support from Morgan Sindall Infrastructure as it helped me develop my passion further, which is teaching children first aid. Further to this, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure worked with its supply chain to support the programme, increasing the funding and allowing me to grow the programme.

Via this co-ordinated approach, now all year 3 primary school children in the Copeland, Allerdale, and now Barrow & Ulverston catchments can now learn basic first aid. Over 3700 local school children have now benefitted from this programme using the Flat Stan First Aid model and the numbers are growing!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Morgan Sindall Infrastructure & their supply chain for coordinating the programme and sponsoring the workshops, allowing this amazing programme to happen.

Also to Simon Ferris Director of Flat Stan First Aid for his help and support whilst delivering the workshops!

A fantastic evening  at the BECBC Awards 2018 . To become runner up for the BECBC Start-Up Business Award 2018 was absolutely amazing. Thank you to Solomons Europe for running the ‘Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur’ initiative. Here is myself with Dominic Doig Managing Director at Solomons Europe and winners Sarah and James from Red Pike Education.

Brilliant Night!

Thank you to the Whitehaven News for putting a story in about Little Lifers First Aid! Hopefully spreading the word and reaching out to more people who want to learn Baby & Child First Aid.

⭐️A great article in Thursdays Whitehaven News.
Thanks to Rachel Holliday founder of Calderwood House for helping and supporting the programme 💗
Such a wonderful programme to be a part of ☺️




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